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Free comparison tool for finding Data Analysis courses online. Compare courses from top universities and online platforms for free The faster way to cyber security solutions, results you can rely on. Discover the newest cyber security options Netzwerksicherheit (auch Netzsicherheit) ist kein einzelner feststehender Begriff, sondern umfasst alle Maßnahmen zur Planung, Ausführung und Überwachung der Sicherheit in Rechnernetzen.Diese Maßnahmen sind nicht nur technischer Natur, sondern beziehen sich auch auf die Organisation (z. B. Richtlinien, in denen geregelt wird, was die Betreiber des Netzwerkes dürfen sollen), den Betrieb. Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.. The field is becoming increasingly significant due to the increased reliance on computer.

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Cybersecurity standards (also styled cyber security standards) are techniques generally set forth in published materials that attempt to protect the cyber environment of a user or organization. This environment includes users themselves, networks, devices, all software, processes, information in storage or transit, applications, services, and systems that can be connected directly or. This is a list of cybersecurity information technology.Cybersecurity is security as it is applied to information technology.This includes all technology that stores, manipulates, or moves data, such as computers, data networks, and all devices connected to or included in networks, such as routers and switches.All information technology devices and facilities need to be secured against. Informationssicherheit (englisch: security) Dazu zählen der Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland e.V., der Verein Deutschland sicher im Netz, die Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit und die Sicherheitskooperation Cybercrime. Privathaushalte. Programmierfehler in fast jeder Software machen es quasi unmöglich, Sicherheit vor jeder Art von Angriffen zu erreichen. Durch den Anschluss von Computern mit.

Information Security Attributes: or qualities, i.e., Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA). Information Systems are composed in three main portions, hardware, software and communications with the purpose to help identify and apply information security industry standards, as mechanisms of protection and prevention, at three levels or layers: physical, personal and organizational It is not sufficient to merely put cyber security as a part of the IT Act. We have to see cyber security not only from the sectoral perspective, but also from the national perspective. European Union. Cybersecurity standards have been of great prominence in today's technology driven businesses. To maximize their profits, corporations leverage technology by running most of their operations by.

Cyber-, from cybernetics, a transdisciplinary approach for exploring regulatory and purposive systems; Crime and security. Cyber crime, crime that involves computers and networks Convention on Cybercrime, the first international treaty seeking to address Internet and computer crime, signed in 2001; Cybercrime countermeasures ; Cyber-attack, an offensive manoeuvre that targets computing devices. Lexikon Online ᐅCybersecurity: Cybersecurity oder IT-Sicherheit ist der Schutz von Netzwerken, Computersystemen, cyber-physischen Systemen und Robotern vor Diebstahl oder Beschädigung ihrer Hard- und Software oder der von ihnen verarbeiteten Daten sowie vor Unterbrechung oder Missbrauch der angebotenen Dienste und Funktionen Cyber steht für: Cyber (Jugendkultur) CSI: Cyber, US-amerikanische Krimiserie; Kybernetik, siehe Cyberspace; Cyberkrieg; Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe. Zuletzt bearbeitet am 12. August 2019 um 07:52. Der Inhalt ist verfügbar unter CC BY-SA 3.0, sofern nicht anders angegeben. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 12. August.

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1 Definitions 1.1 General 1.2 ITU 2 Background 3 Threats to cybersecurity 4 Federal role 5 International aspects 6 Consumer acceptance 7 References 8 Source 9 See also 10 External resources Cybersecurity (also called cyberspace security and cyber security) is Cybersecurity is the security of cyberspace.13 Cybersecurity is Cybersecurity issues arise because of three factors taken together the. Einträge in der Kategorie IT-Sicherheit Folgende 200 Einträge sind in dieser Kategorie, von 341 insgesamt. (vorherige Seite) (nächste Seite National Cyber Security Policy is a policy framework by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) It aims at protecting the public and private infrastructure from cyber attacks. The policy also intends to safeguard information, such as personal information (of web users), financial and banking information and sovereign data

Cyber crimes can generally be divided into two categories: Crimes that target networks or devices Computer security This page was last changed on 16 March 2019, at 06:37. Text is available under the Creative Commons. Cyber-Kriminalität beinhaltet unter anderem das illegale Abgreifen privater, persönlicher oder gar kritischer Informationen. Diese können per Internet aus einem Unternehmensnetzwerk ebenso entwendet werden wie per technischer Hilfsgeräte von der Kreditkarte einer Person, die nichts ahnend in der Menschenmenge am Täter vorbeistreift. Computerbetrug, das Ausspähen und Abfangen von Daten. Cyber security is the practice of defending computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks. Cyber-security has become more critical than ever as cyber-attacks continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Solutions for: Home Products; Small Business 1-25 employees ; Medium Business 26-999 employees; Enterprise 1000+ employees; Solutions for: Home.

From a computing point of view, security comprises cybersecurity and physical security — both are used by enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems. Information security, which is designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, is a subset of cybersecurity. The use of cyber security can help prevent cyber. Cyber security is the state or process of protecting and recovering networks, devices and programs from any type of cyberattack. Cyberattacks are an evolving danger to organizations, employees and consumers. They may be designed to access or destroy sensitive data or extort money. They can, in effect, destroy businesses and damage your financial and personal lives — especially if you're. Overview of Types of Cyber Security. Types of Cyber Security are nothing but the techniques used to prevent the stolen or assaulted data. It needs knowledge of possible threats to data, such as viruses and other malicious code. We all have been using computers and all types of handheld devices daily

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Beim Cyberwar handelt es sich um eine kriegerische Auseinandersetzung zwischen Staaten im virtuellen Raum, die mit Mitteln der Informationstechnologie geführt wird. Ein Cyberkrieg hat zum Ziel, Ländern, Institutionen oder der Gesellschaft auf elektronischem Weg Schaden zuzufügen und wichtige Infrastrukturen zu stören The terms Cyber Security and Information Security are often used interchangeably.As they both are responsible for security and protecting the computer system from threats and information breaches and often Cybersecurity and information security are so closely linked that they may seem synonymous and unfortunately, they are used synonymously. If we talk about data security it's all about. Richtiger Einsatz der Cyber Kill Chain. Security Intelligence oder Threat Intelligence gilt als Kernelement der modernen Cyber-Abwehr. Entsprechend kommen vermehr sogenannte Threat Intelligence Plattformen zum Einsatz, die die Security-Analysten bei der Erkennung, Bewertung und Abwehr von Cyber-Attacken unterstützen sollen. Ein Modell wie Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain hilft bei dem Einsatz.

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Unifying Security Management and Empowering Secure Innovation Along with SIEMs, Skybox is the most important tool in our infosecurity arsenal and a cornerstone of our SOC. Network Security leader / Skybox Custome New Cyber Security Laws put Compliance and Policy in the Spotlight. Tips and Tricks from Daily Testing. Welcome. Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation GmbH. EUREF-Campus 22, 10829 Berlin, Germany. Im November 2015 wurde die DCSO von den Unternehmen Allianz SE, BASF SE, Bayer AG und Volkswagen AG als innovatives Kompetenzzentrum, Plattform und Forum für Cyber-Sicherheit in Deutschland.

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Cyber security is the state or process of protecting and recovery computer systems, networks, devices and programs from any type of cyber attack.Cyber attacks are becoming an evolving danger to the sensitive data of organizations, their employees and individuals.. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the Internet and computer systems and the next generation of smart Internet of Things. Cyber security refers to a body of technologies, processes and practices designed to prevent an attack, damage or unauthorized access to networks, devices, programs and data. It is also can be referred to as security of information technology. Users must understand and follow the basic principles of data security, such as email attachments carefulness, strong passwords, and data backup. It is. News und Hintergründe zum Thema Cybersecurity bei heise onlin Cyber security is the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks. It aims to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. Learn more about the cyber threats you face . To find out more about the fundamentals of cyber security and how.

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  1. Cyber-Security-Unternehmen konnten in den vergangenen Jahren aufgrund des zugrunde liegenden Trends ein starkes Wachstum verbuchen. Palo Alto Networks und Fortinet überzeugen mit den stä.
  2. Cyber security is probably the hottest topic of the last years. Businesses and individuals are both starting to take serious actions to prevent data leaks and other possible threats. It's not surprising as 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches have happened in 2019 alone. Still, the number of cyber attacks continues to grow year over year making it a must for every company and tech specialist to.
  3. Cyber Security Intrusions, injections, impersonations, persona capture depletion. Latest; Top Stories; Follow. Seth Kontny. Mar 15, 2016. Cossack Labs / Why we need novel authentication schemes.
  4. SoSafe sensibilisiert Mitarbeiter durch realistische Phishing-Mails. Einfach, kontinuierlich und effektiv. Anti-Phishing Testing - made in German
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If you have feedback, comments, or suggested additional readings/resources, please contact: cybersecurity-feedback@cyber.law.harvard.edu. Prior to suggesting material for inclusion in the wiki, please consult the Submitting Feedback page. Navigation Table of Contents. The quickest way to get started is by using the Table of Contents as a guide to searching articles by type or category. Some of. The co-founder of Wikipedia talks about the site's 15th birthday, cyber security and criticises the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube cha.. Für den Bereich Security - Stichwort Objekt­schutz - sollte es diese Tür im Idealfall gar nicht geben, damit niemand hinein­kommt. Die Ziele und Werte von Safety und Security wider­sprechen sich zum Teil, was das Thema so spannend macht. Im Bereich der klassischen Safety werden in potenziell gefährlichen Maschinen Funktionen implementiert, um Menschen und Umwelt zu schützen. In.

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What you need to know about IoT and cyber security. With the rising number of IoT devices, which is expected to surpass the 20 billion mark by next year, there are a lot of big changes to anticipate. As we all know, says John Ocampos, the administrator of Softvire, the World Wide Web can be accessed by anyone. While such digital developments have helped individuals and business owners in many. Cybersecurity definition is - measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack Information security analysts take measures to protect their organization's networks, such as firewalls, encryption programs and the latest cyber security trends. They watch for signs of a breach, investigate security problems and document damage caused by hackers, according to the BLS .

The Internet is fundamentally insecure. However, there are simple things you can do to protect yourself and your information. Learn what they are in NOVA's C.. After Creeper and Reaper, cyber-crimes became more powerful. As computer software and hardware developed, security breaches also increase. With every new development came an aspect of vulnerability, or a way for hackers to work around methods of protection. In 1986, the Russians were the first who implement the cyber power as a weapon English: As part of MOD's full-spectrum military capability, the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, has announced that the department is set to recruit hundreds of computer experts as cyber reservists to help defend the UK's national security, working at the cutting-edge of the nation's cyber defences. Mr Hammond confirmed the creation of a new Joint Cyber Reserve which will see.

European Commission - Policies, information and services. In this issue: Antoine Begasse on a new EU-US agenda in finance, sustainable finance and the EU taxonomy, and banking union Cyber security is about protecting your computer-based equipment and information from unintended or unauthorized access, change, or destruction. As an increasing number of daily business activities move online, including advertising, selling, finding new markets, reaching out to customers, recruiting staff, communicating with customers and suppliers or even carrying out financial transactions.

Security News. Surveillance; Zero Day; Bitcoin; Movies and Documentaries ; Defacements; Malware. Antivirus; Vulnerability; Cyber Crime. Cyber Attack; NSA; Hacking Groups. Anonymous; Lulzsec; Syrian Electronic Army; Lizard Squad; Technology. Programming; Contact Us; wikipedia hhvm Archive. HHVM vs PHP 5 battle. HHVM is much faster. Posted by snoopy On February 5, 2015 In Programming. HHVM vs. Cyber Security. 49 47 5. Hack Fraud Card Code. 19 23 1. Internet Crime Cyber. 19 21 3. Security Professional. 30 31 3. Hacked Cyber Crime. 29 39 5. Cyber Security Network. 31 33 12. Tech Circle Technology. 16 20 4. Woman Businesswoman. 45 43 9. Fraud Prevention Scam. Next page › 411 Free images of Cyber Security.

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  1. Introduction to Cyber Security was designed to help learners develop a deeper understanding of modern information and system protection technology and methods. The learning outcome is simple: We hope learners will develop a lifelong passion and appreciation for cyber security, which we are certain will help in future endeavors. Students, developers, managers, engineers, and even private.
  2. Cyber security. Learn about the potential risks of your online activities and how you can stay safe when you are connected. Services and information. COVID-19 and cybercrime . Protect yourself from cybercrime during the COVID-19 isolation. COVID19: Frauds and scams. Known scams, frauds, misleading claims and how to report them. Secure your devices. Get tips to help you protect the devices you.
  3. Definition: Cyber security or information technology security are the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation. Description: Major areas covered in cyber security are: 1) Application Security 2) Information Security 3) Disaster recovery 4) Network Security Application security encompasses measures or.
  4. CYBER SECURITY & DATENSCHUTZ. Die fortschreitende Digitalisierung eröffnet faszinierende unternehmerische Chancen. Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, diese Chancen zu nutzen. Dabei richten wir unser Augenmerk für Sie ganz besonders auf die Anforderungen und Risiken, die Ihnen begegnen: Wir kennen die regulatorischen Anforderungen ebenso wie die aktuelle Bedrohungslandschaft. Cyber Security und.

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  1. EECSP Report: Cyber Security in the Energy Sector February 2017 5 1. Introduction 1.1 European Cyber Security Framework The digitalisation of industry, including energy, is at the core of all major Commission initiatives such as the Digital Single Market, the Energy Union package and the Single Market strategy. Thes
  2. Get in-depth security coverage at WIRED including cyber, IT and national security news
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  4. The Cyber Security Experts. Die Oneconsult-Unternehmensgruppe ist seit 2003 Ihr inhabergeführter, produkte- und herstellerunabhängiger Schweizer Cyber Security Services Partner mit Büros in Thalwil (Zürich), Bern und München. Die Oneconsult-Gruppe besteht aus der Holdinggesellschaft Oneconsult International AG und deren.

Cyber security should be thorough and seamless, regardless or business size or organisational standing. Computer networks will forever be the target of criminals, and it can be argued that the danger of cyber-security breaches will only increase in the future as networks continue to expand. Having the right level of preparation and specialist assistance is vital to minimise and control damage. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'cyber security' im Deutsch-Dänisch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. Cyber-security regulation - Wikipedia full information with photos, videos, documents and files The founder of Wikipedia has told Sky News cyber security is incredibly important, but governments need to strike a balance when it comes to their desire to monitor information

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Overall, Cyber security is essential to govern the conducts and manners of interacting with computer systems from suspicious behavior. In a world where even our kitchen appliances and cars are connected to the internet, cyber criminals have endless opportunity to cause chaos. As hackers continue to adapt to progressing technology, so will the IT security experts whose main focus is to keep our. Jan 24, 2016 - Wikipedia Founder's Warning On Cyber Security. Saved from news.sky.co

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Major areas covered by Cyber Security. Application Security: This comprises the measures that are taken during the development to protect applications from threats. Information Security: This protects information from unauthorized access to avoid identity threats and protect privacy. Disaster Recovery: A process that includes performing a risk assessment and developing strategies to recover. Difference Between Digital Forensics And Cyber Security. Both the digital forensics and Cyber security process is correlated to each other. They are almost same in one or the another way. The purpose of both cloud security services and digital forensics professionals is to completely stop cybercrime activity. A unique mindset needs to be shared.

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Extend cyber security protection for our national critical assets, networks and systems against all forms of cyber threats. Connects the ICT security industry players with the business entities and general public on matters related to cyber security. Aim at identifying and driving various government collaborations cross-border cooperation, working relations and activities to advocate the cyber. Cyber-crime is constantly on the rise, and many smaller businesses are extremely vulnerable as a result of ineffective cyber security. IT security solutions are essential for all kinds of businesses, particularly when you think about how important the internet and your digital systems are for your day-to-day operations. In 2017, more than 46% of UK businesses suffered a cyber-attack (Cyber.


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New Cyber Security Laws put Compliance and Policy in the Spotlight. Tips and Tricks from Daily Testing. Welcome. Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation GmbH. EUREF-Campus 22, 10829 Berlin, Germany. Im November 2015 wurde die DCSO von den Unternehmen Allianz SE, BASF SE, Bayer AG und Volkswagen AG als innovatives Kompetenzzentrum, Plattform und Forum für Cyber-Sicherheit in Deutschland. Every law firm needs to be very careful especially at comes to handling customer data because security issues are becoming a great threat to your firm. Law firms that deal a lot with mergers and acquisitions are very prone to cyber threats and you need to be very careful in ensuring that this is not therefore of your company. You don't want a bad reputation, therefore, and that is why you. As a Cyber Security Ninja, will I have 100%, bulletproof, state of the art security by the end of the course? We're not afraid to say this: the answer is NO. Any security expert will agree that there is no such thing as impenetrable cyber security, simply because things constantly change. But people who stay safe online do one thing very well: They take the time to create a system that. 52 quotes have been tagged as cyber-security: Roderick Vincent: 'In the underworld, reality itself has elastic properties and is capable of being stretch..

  1. Now a day, it is important for most companies or businesses to have cyber security in their network or in their database because there are many hackers or scammers that are online as well. With this, we must take care of our data and personal information that is why most companies now are investing on cyber security c
  2. Cyber Security News . www.securitynewspaper.com. Follow me Share me Wikipedia is under a massive DDoS attack. Who's behind the attack? Tags: ddos ethical hacking specialists ethical hacking. September 10th 2019. View original . According to ethical hacking specialists, over the past weekend multiple Wikipedia sites for some regions of Europe and the Middle East experienced failures due to a.
  3. Five reasons why investing in cyber security is a sensible decision to make. 1. The rising cost of breaches. The fact is that cyberattacks can be extremely expensive for businesses to endure. Recent statistics have suggested that the average cost of a data breach at a larger firm is £20,000. But this actually underestimates the real expense of an attack against a company. It is not just the.

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Learners or Enthusiast who are looking to learn about Cyber Security and find a career in the field . Course Features. Lectures 35; Quizzes 0; Duration 5 hours; Skill level All levels; Language English; Students 5134; Certificate Yes; Assessments Yes; Courses Cyber Security Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. Introduction to Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking 2. Lecture 1.1. The co-founder of Wikipedia talks about the site's 15th birthday, cyber security and criticises the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for. Cyber-security. Posted at 16:53 24 Feb 16:53 24 Feb. Clubhouse confirms data spill of its audio streams. By Mary-Ann Russon. Business reporter, BBC News. A user has been banned for streaming audio. Cyber-Security in der Corona-Pandemie Vertraue niemals, überprüfe immer! Die COVID-19-Krise hat auch die Cyber-Security-Landschaft dramatisch verändert und gezeigt, dass viele Organisationen unzureichend auf einen Wechsel zur Remote Work vorbereitet waren. Ein Großteil der Mitarbeiter arbeitet noch immer von zu Hause aus. Das macht Belegschaften anfälliger denn je für Cyber. Cyber security di sini bertujuan untuk mengganggu aliran fisik dan logis sistem yang sengaja dilakukan untuk mengganggu kerahasiaan, integritas, dan ketersediaan informasi. Alasan kejahatan dunia maya sangat beragam dan berkisar dari kebencian hingga berorientasi pada keuntungan. Namun, ada yang bermotivasi moral. Peretasan sistem biasanya bermotivasi moral untuk mengungkapkan kebenaran.

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Community-created profile of Advanced Computer Diagnostic - Cyber Security Company Nashville TN in Nashville, TN including executive profiles, news and insights, videos and contact information. Spoke is the definitive source of curated information on millions of companies, people and industries Cyber Security Specialist. The cyber security specialist maintains the security of a computer network through testing, updates, and protection. Required Skills and Characteristics for Cyber Security Professionals. Some cyber security specialists started out practicing ethical hacking as teens. While some teens end up taking the malicious path, many recognized how easy it is to hack into. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has published advice on COVID-19 themed malicious cyber activity. Our guidance will help you protect your systems, data and personal information during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to mitigate and disrupt these COVID-19 related scams and we encourage Australians to remain vigilant and maintain strong cyber security practices during this. תעתיק לעברית של Cyber - בעברית: סייבר: . סייבר - קיצור של המילה קיברנטיקה, המשמש ככינוי נפוץ למרחב הקיברנטי, ובפרט לעולם האינטרנט. סייברספייס - המרחב הקיברנטי מוגדר באופן שונה בין מדינה למדינה, אך ניתן לומר באופן כללי כי. Cyber security mitigation section outlining key mitigation strategies on selected critical systems in the Introduction to Threats Critical systems added to the Introduction to Threats section including: Next-Generation ATC, Onboard Aircrafts IP Network, Aircraft Interface Device; Updated Situational Analysis section regarding role of consultants, cyber security attack vectors and new.

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  1. It helps to cyber security specialists in managing moves identified with the discovery and avoidance of cyber attacks. AI can discover cyber security dangers and advise the specialists to take proper measures. So concerning the advanced setting, the job of AI is expanding different parts of data innovation like Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security, Software Testing, and Data Security
  2. For alternative betydninger, se National Cyber Security Centre. (Se også artikler, som begynder med National Cyber Security Centre)National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) er en britisk myndighed for it-sikkerhed som blev oprettet oktober 2016.. NCSC er lokaliseret ved London.NCSC skal blandt andet samarbejde med Bank of England om retningslinjer for datasikkerhed i finanssektoren
  3. Wikipedia's DHS Cyber Security Division as translated by GramTrans. La ĉi-suba teksto estas aŭtomata traduko de la artikolo DHS Cyber Security Division article en la angla Vikipedio, farita per la sistemo GramTrans on 2016-03-10 07:09:04. Eventualaj ŝanĝoj en la angla originalo estos kaptitaj per regulaj retradukoj. Se vi volas enigi tiun artikolon en la originalan Esperanto-Vikipedion, vi.
  4. TCS Cyber Security Advisory Services Helping enterprises proactively detect, respond to, and recover from cyber risks and threats. Find Out How. Our Solutions. Services. DevSecOps Services for Application Security. Identify, evaluate, treat, report, and fix security vulnerabilities in your systems and applications. Services . TCS Consent Management Solution. Address two core areas of data.
  5. Jul 19, 2019 - security operations center information security operations center wikipedia. Jul 19, 2019 - security operations center information security operations center wikipedia. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. Sign up. Visit. Saved from . manav.morrisoxford.co. morrisoxford.co. See related links to what you are looking for..
  6. One 12-year-old hacker from Texas is raising awareness about growing cyber threats and how to protect digital information. David Begnaud meets with Reuben Pa..
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The Premier Cyber Security Summit & Expo Virtual Event: February 23 - 24, 2021. Register Now. Zum 21. Mal wurde Check Point als führend im Magic Quadrant anerkannt. Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant Bericht für Network Firewalls. Bericht herunterladen. Check Point IoT Protect Firmware. Erstellt IoT-Geräte, die 'Secure by Design' sind . Weitere Informationen. Neue R81 Cybersicherheits-Plattform. 350,221 cyber security stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See cyber security stock video clips. of 3,503. web scan dark web protection cyber security music cyber security artificial intelligence cyber security gdpr cyber radar binary code isometric hooded hackers cyber cyber flash. Try these curated collections . Search for cyber security in these categories. File:Wikipedia-logo.png. From System Fundamentals for Cyber Security. Jump to: navigation, search. File; File history; File usage; Metadata; No higher resolution available. Wikipedia-logo.png ‎ (40 × 40 pixels, file size: 4 KB, MIME type: image/png) File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Date/Time Thumbnail Dimensions User Comment; current: 11:51.

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